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HealthTran has been in existence since November 2013 in some capacity. Over the years, the program has morphed from a grant-funded initiative to a self-sustaining program. Rather than try to recreate a historical timeline, the following links to the initial Rides to Wellness report and follow-up HealthTran, Then and Now reports, provide the history and background for HealthTran program development and summarizes the various stages of the program through 2016. For current information on HealthTran, please click on the various HealthTran menu links above.

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine Video - June 2016

HealthTran: Three-year Wrap Up Evaluation Summary - June 2016

HealthTran...Then and Now - April 2016

Healthy Lives...Healthy Communities Presentation - April 2016

Missouri Rides to Wellness - December 2015

“Public transportation can be an important enabler of access to services,” said Doris Boeckman, former executive director of the Missouri Public Transit Association, current Missouri Rides to Wellness Director, and co-founder of HealthTran. “It can lead to more individuals reaching life-sustaining and preventive healthcare services.”

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