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HealthTran is a flexible solution, with a variety of membership options for an organization, community or region. The model is built on the premise that no one solution works for every community or organization. Communities and organizations have their own cultures, diverse transportation needs, unique populations, and more. Our experience demonstrates that local or community-based transportation solutions can more readily meet the transportation needs of the community -- most often more affordably and more quickly than other alternatives. 

The fundamental framework of the HealthTran Model is a technology platform that links transportation providers, volunteer drivers, HealthTran members and HealthTran staff through one platform. There are both one-time and ongoing fees associated with a HealthTran launch, but the value for the community, providers and patients far outweighs cost.

As a HealthTran member, at any level, you receive access to the platform to check transportation availability, schedule rides, and access reports on ridership. Members also receive training and support during implementation and technical assistance throughout membership. As a  member of the Missouri Rural Health Association (MRHA), additional opportunities for training and education, healthcare and transportation advocacy, procurement services, group health insurance opportunities, and more.  


To explore a HealthTran Subscription and learn more, use the e-mail below to contact Mary Gordon, HealthTran Program Manager at Missouri Rural Health Association. 

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