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Did you know there are people in your community who are unable to get to the doctor, pharmacy, or to the grocery store?  Do you like to drive, set your own work schedule and have the flexibility to choose the work you do? Would extra cash give you more freedom? If you answered YES, then HealthTran could be a solution to help meet your needs.


HealthTran drivers are volunteers under the umbrella of the Missouri Rural Health Association.  As a volunteer, you are a valuable member of the association and your time helps improve the lives of those served by HealthTran. How? By getting people to health appointments and wellness activities, to include food, medicine, education and training, among other things. We strive to improve access to services that help people be healthier, more stable, and interactive in the community. 


Volunteers make the program successful! Without you, we would not be able to fill the transportation gaps in rural areas. As a driver you receive:

  • Annual MRHA membership 

  • Free CIMA Volunteer Excess Insurance: accident medical, liability, and auto liability

  • Free technology setup and training (smart phone needed)

  • Recognition and appreciation: You are part of Team HealthTran!

  • Mileage reimbursement (0.80 cents per mile) 100 miles = $80

  • Direct deposit weekly


Drive when and where you want - select the rides that meet your availability.  Provide a ride while you are out and about or schedule up to 30 days in advance, even taking weekly rides for people who have multiple appointments. You receive support from the HealthTran Area Manager, who will answer questions, address concerns and share your ideas to make the program better. We want this to be a WIN-WIN experience for both you and the rider!  Hear from one of HealthTran's drivers - Valerie Pierce.

Interested in being a driver for HealthTran?  Use the links below to get more information about requirements.

HT Driver Recruitment Flyer

HT Volunteer Driver Application

HT Driver Handbook Packet

HT Vehicle Inspection Form

CIMC Volunteer Insurance Brochure

Privacy Policy

We hope you will join us at the next local Driver Orientation.  Learn more. 

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