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What is HealthTran?

HealthTran is an innovative, progressive and collaborative mobility coordination and transportation service program, designed to address transportation limitations and barriers, particularly in rural Missouri.  Primarily focused on improving healthcare access, HealthTran has the capability to coordinate and schedules rides within minutes or a month in advance.  We work with communities to increase transportation options, maximizing existing transportation providers and new local, trained and vetted volunteer drivers.  HealthTran is a program of the Missouri Rural Health Association (MRHA), is a nonprofit 501c3 organization that supports rural health infrastructure through advocacy, education, and training. Since 2016, MRHA’s primary focus has been to improve access to care through HealthTran.

Transportation frequently cited as one of the top two barriers in rural Missouri. Lack of transportation impacts access to healthcare providers, medication, food, and health-related activities, negatively effecting population health and significantly impacting community economics.  A growing senior population will place additional demands on rural communities very soon.  Over 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 each for the next 19 years.  With limited assisted living, nursing home and health care, seniors need to be able to live at home longer and may need additional support to remain healthy.  Transportation is key to accessing the additional support needed. Transportation, through HealthTran, can improve. . .

  • Population health

  • Data collection for informed decision-making and policy changes

  • Appointment adherence

  • Inappropriate emergency room use for non-emergent needs

  • Appointment encounters

  • Staff efficiency (i.e., time spent on appointment rescheduling, transportation assistance)

  • Patient satisfaction

  • Provider satisfaction

What is Community Mobility Management (CMM)?

HealthTran creates partnerships among transportation, health and communities in a defined region to expand and coordinate transportation options to reduce health disparities, improve health outcomes, gather data, and build economic security in rural areas. This framework is known as Community Mobility Management (CMM) and provides a single point of customer access to multiple travel modes for anyone with a transportation barrier to health and wellness.  HealthTran works within a community to develop strategies that address transportation barriers to health and wellness events, reduce food deserts, and reduce isolation so all citizens have an opportunity to be healthy.  

There are multiple levels of membership. An organization may choose to be a member of the Missouri Rural Health Association only, which supports advocacy, education and training, or choose to join HealthTran and play a direct role in overcoming transportation challenges in their community. Learn more about membership options.

OutFront Health Group Insurance

OutFront Health can provide the services of a nationally-recognized actuarial firm, individually underwritten stop-loss contracts, and plans that are rated by each groups demographics to bring healthcare costs for multiple-employer groups, family offices, PEO’s, associations, and staffing organizations under control.

Benefit plans are level-funded, so the maximum annual claims are predetermined, including claims run-off liability.  Each employer group pays a set amount each month (which includes administration, claims and stop-loss) for the 12 months of the plan year. This amount is set aside to pay claims and any other fees throughout the year. Once the claims have been paid for the plan year, each employer group is eligible to receive any remaining balance in the claims fund. 


Contact MRHA for more details.


Community Asset Builders, LLC (CAB), in strategic partnership with LIONFLEET, is a team of professionals providing expert procurement and inventory management assistance. Together, CAB and LIONFLEET identify opportunities for significant cost savings in a variety of spending areas, such as:

  • Office products and equipment, including communication systems

  • Maintenance and industrial supplies

  • Capital equipment


Cost savings are negotiated with vendors who offer the best:

  • Pricing

  • Quality

  • Service


CAB and LIONFLEET are compensated only when clients save. Compensation for referrals for procurement services is available at (5%) of CAB’s negotiated savings per referral.

Grant Writing

Community Asset Builders, LLC has expertise in writing grants from $500 to more than $16 million over a period of years. Clients, particularly retainer clients with whom we have done organizational development work, are generally recipients of funds because of successful grant-writing efforts.

CAB has been successful in obtaining grants in a variety of disciplines and for a variety of purposes, including substance abuse prevention, transportation, housing and utilities assistance, health care, mental health care, health care for seriously emotionally disturbed children, child abuse/neglect and prevention, health care for under- and uninsured or low-income individuals, capital development, tax credits, community assessment, strategic planning and more.

CAB works with a team to identify priorities, mission fit and organizational capability to manage the resources should a grant award be received. CAB takes the lead in constructing and formalizing the grant, ensuring all grant requirements are met, packaging and sending the grant to the funding entity, working in tandem with the organizations’ leadership to ensure that the organization retains intellectual ownership of the grant.

In addition to grant writing, CAB can assist organizations with funder research, mission fit, organization planning and development, focus groups, budget development and program evaluation.

Graphic Design

CAB also has an on-staff graphic designer who can design newsletters, flyers, brochures, and more.  CAB works with organizations from concept to finished product, with a graphic designer who is skilled in the development of logos, promotional materials, conference programs, newsletters, and more. With organization involvement, CAB can provide concepts, themes and artwork to meet the needs of the organization.  CAB also has a network of commercial printers that offer quality printing and bulk mailing services.  Whether the printing job Is large or small, CAB will work to get the best price and the best quality with the resources available.

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