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As our nation’s population ages and the cost of healthcare coverage continues to go up, more and more individuals are foregoing preventive and maintenance care. When trying to identify why, cost is the most prominent reason, often followed by an inability to get to care due to transportation barriers.

The following articles are great testimony for HealthTran from the provider perspective and provide insight into distance to care issues for rural Missourians.

Why doctors should consider giving their patients a ride, Politico Magazine

Medical Transportation Service is a Lifesaver for Rural Missourians, The Rural Monitor

What are the health-related consequences of not having transportation for rural residents, including the elderly and people with disabilities? RHI Hub


To assess whether HealthTran could be a solution for you - as a healthcare provider - complete the following template to determine how much you are spending on “no show” appointments and consider how getting those patients into care might impact your benchmarks. More often than not, revenue generated from improved patient adherence rates offsets the cost of providing transportation, while also improving patient outcomes, reducing cost of care, and (for hospitals) opening inpatient beds for new patients by transporting patients home rather than retaining them for an additional day of stay when they lack transportation at discharge.


Computation Template [ coming soon ]

"As a patient and beneficiary of HealthTran rides, my husband, Jesse is 39 years old. He was diagnosed with Lymphoma. At the time of diagnosis, we had no insurance. I was in school and have four children, so I could not take him to multiple appointments weekly. We have since received Medicaid, however, due to sporadic appointment times due to lab work and his physical condition, we usually don't meet the five day window for scheduling transport."  - A Stepps

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